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Defending takedowns against the cage wall is an art in itself. Without the ability to sprawl or move effectively your options change significantly with regards to what you can do.

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This tutorial clip has been taken from the newest full length instructional volume to go up on the Warrior Marketplace. “MMA Training – Cage Craft for Dominating Fights” is from none other than renowned UK MMA fighter, BJJ black belt and head coach of Itaipava Jiu Jitsu Peter Irving. Here, alongside the equally brilliant duo of brothers Harry and George Hardwick, he goes over the starting layer of his fundamental system for defending takedowns against the cage wall in MMA.

Peter Irving began training in 2001, fighting on small regional events, and made his professional MMA debut in 2003 on Cagewarriors 4. At the beginning of 2004 Pete made the move to Brazil, studying under Master Crezio de Souza, a legendary figure in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Brazilian wrestling team member and pioneer of Vale-Tudo (anything goes) fighting. Whilst in Brazil Pete competed extensively in Gi and no-gi competition, fighting in the copa do Brasil and the Mundials.
After dedicating two years completely to studying Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Judo, Pete returned to Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts in December 2005, becoming 2x Strike and Submit British MMA champion, and facing top European opposition to become 2x Strike and Submit European MMA champion and 3x Xth Legion European MMA champion, with wins over top American middleweight champion Reggie Cardiel, top Danish fighter Morten Djursaa, UFC fighter Reza Madadi, M-1 champion Daniel Weichel, Cagewarriors champion Ivan Musardo, TUF competitor Nordin Asrih, and Iceland’s Arni Isaakson
Pete made the move to the K-1 rules style of Thaiboxing in 2012, capturing the UCMMA UK-1 Welterweight belt, the XFS super middleweight title and the ICO super middleweight British title under the tutelage of Semtex gym coaches Steve Gladstone and Kieran Keddle. Pete received his black belt in BJJ from World Champion Leo Negao and his black belt in Chinese boxing from his MMA coach and mentor Alan Orr in 2011. Peter is now a 3rd Degree Black Belt in CSL Chinese Boxing San Da under Alan Orr.

This volume includes:

Lines of Defence. A look at the layers of defence typically utilised by fighters defending takedowns in the centre of the cage.
MMA Striking Defence. How to use traditional and MMA specific defences to nullify your opponents strikes.
Wrestling Vs Striking. A multitude of different ways to counter your opponent when they look to attack via their most favoured strikes.
Floor Control. How to land in dominate positions and control on the floor to continue causing damage via strikes or progress to submissions.
The 50/50 tie. A complete framework for developing an understanding of the 50/50 over/under clinch position in the centre or against the cage wall
Physical Controls. How to be physical above your weight class in order to control or reverse your opponent onto the cage wall.
Using the Wall. An in-depth look at how to use the cage wall to pin, strike and takedown for maximum damage using the MMA rule set.
Defending the Wall. A complete framework for how to defend takedown attempts and controls against the cage wall from the floor to standing.
Reversing & Counters. How to reverse and submit fighters who are trying to pin you against the cage wall.
Takedowns. A multitude of different takedown options from Peter’s complete system of using wrestling against the cage wall.
Taking the Back. How to force the back take against the wall in order to set up both high impact throws and low energy takedowns.
Body Lock. How to fight effectively for the body lock and then utilise a systematic tool kit of attacks once it has been taken.
And more….

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