Five Brazilians from Sao Paulo take on Five Brits from London, UK. Let’s see if standup fighting or ground-fighting wins in this mma brawl. There is so much strategy and multiperson fight lessons from this amazing match, courtesy of Team Fighting Championship (TFC). And just for clarification, one of the Brazilian team fighters was doing Luta Livre, and a few of the British boxers had some MMA training. Enjoy commentary by me, and two martial artists (Rob Watt and Hank Watt). Rob is a BJJ martial artist, and Hank is a Kajukenbo martial artist.

00:00 Introduce everyone
03:35 Jump to the match
12:46 The match from another angle
16:51 El Toro vs Charlie Langdon breakdown
17:45 Gregorio vs Luke Sines breakdown
19:18 Matias Kavvanka vs Justice Breakdown
21:34 Monster Felipao vs Oliver Sines breakdown
23:25 Casca Grossa vs Jacob Sines breakdown
25:34 Final discussion
For breakdown of what Toro did wrong:

Rob Watt’s channel:
Hank’s amazing berries:
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To see a previous episode here:

Big shoutout to Team Fighting Championship:

Here’s the full TFC match without commentary if you want to see it for itself:

Rob Watt’s documentary on Fabricio Werdum:


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